One of the jobs that a woman will regularly do without really planning to is , “washing dishes/utensils”. Now that I have the chance to, please allow me inform you that we don’t really enjoy the job as described even in your mind, that’s why we end up giving the job to the children half of the time.

After every meal; sumptuous or not, there will be a sink or bowl of dirty utensils waiting and somehow a knife will not miss to be in that crowd, it just enjoys the quiet huh?  After courageously cutting everything, tough or soft, time and time again till it got rusty-dirty and blunt – it finds rest in wait, wait to be cleaned and be restored to it’s dock.

As I generously cleaned my pink knife, I thought , “oh poor knife, you have worked so hard today”, so I cleaned it with tenderness and before I could blink, it harshly slashes through my skin to spilling out blood. “Awch! that knife cut me!, how ungrateful!” . All I was trying to do was get it cleaned up for a minute or more rest before it could be picked up again but look, did it think I was calling it out for more work?, would it rather be dirty and quiet than be clean only to be used again?, I don’t really know! Here is what I thought, “THIS KNIFE IS SO UNGRATEFUL, HOW DOES IT HARM THE HAND THAT IS CLEANING IT?”. In my mad moment, I irrationally decide to put it away…in that moment, the Lord whispered to me, “isn’t that how you too are?”

“You would rather stay in your dirt than go through the furnace of cleansing, I have called you out to come into the water and you have, but as soon as the heat raised, you begun to blaspheme my name by referencing to a past that seemed better( the story of the Israelites in the wilderness,  they wished for Egypt yet the Lord had Canaan waiting – the book of exodus) – you too hurt the hand that cleaned you”.

As I cleaned, my hands moved but my mind and spirit sat in a classroom hearing the Lord tell me of how ungrateful and pinky I too have been and how it has come subtly yet bold in His eyes.

We as humans are unable to see the entire picture of things, it is even more dull when we go through hardship. We some how are energetic to jump in the holy ghost and scream hallelujah when on the green and highly raised on the mountain. As soon as things settle in the valley and the rains return so heavily, we just get so soaked in the mad and only keep our eyes on the mad and how deep our feet are, complaining kicks in and the heavens are in awe of how short-sighted we are of what our Lord is working out for us.

He knows when we have worked hard and are worn out, when we need a cleaning and revamp to operate even tougher in the job ahead. I picked up that knife and rinsed it to rest even when my finger hurt. The Lord has picked me up numerous times even when I refused to be refined, He prepared me anyway because His grace covered my ignorance. That Knife glittered so admirably – I know it was happy seeing the result after the pain.

I am that ungrateful, pinky knife. Remember to not harm that hand that fed you!.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1THESSALONIANS 5:18



By Tabitha Ekamar.

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