As of today the 22nd of September, 2021, at about 8:00pm the approximate time the president of the republic of Uganda had said to address the nation on the Covid19 situation, every Ugandan especially in the category of ; Christian, parent of school going child and bar, gym and betting house owners were seated at the edge of their seats ready for the address to kick start.

From July thus year when the president last addressed the nation on the same, a number of communications fed the eager ears of the listeners and these included;

  1. Post – secondary schools(universities and other higher learning institutions) reopening 1st of November 2021 with the condition that Teachers, non teaching stuff and students above 18 years of age will be vaccinated with effect.
  2. The rest of the learning institutions i.e. secondary and primary schools to open January 2022 as estimated numbers of students, teachers and non teaching stuff will be vaccinated by then.
  3. All RDC’s(resident district commissioners) , CAO’s (chief administrative officers) and  DHO’s(district health officers) to carry out intensive mobilization for all eligible groups to go for vaccination. These have been urged to avoid wastage of vaccines. The president emphasized that those that will let vaccines to expire will be dismissed from office by him.
  4. SOPs to include VACCINATION.
  5. To avoid break out of the 3rd wave, the president urges the ministry of health to enhance surveillance at the entry points including; air ports and boarder points.
  6. Public Health Act to be amended to fit the SOPs says president.
  7. And a loud relief was heard when the president said that the places of worship have been opened. The restrictions of wearing masks for every congregant including; the choir and preacher, limited number of 200 people per service didn’t seem to scare the Christians at all, opening was enough!

Among so many things that could have been said during this address, we could never let these above pass you by.


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