As the fate of schools opening is still undefined, Nabisunsa girls secondary school lives in fear of the next premises for their girls to call school, will it still be in Kyambogo, Kampala district?


The all girls’ school has existed for at least 67 years a portion of land – plot Number M562, the Uganda land commission says belongs to government and is held under free-hold register volume 320, folio 16.

A said letter by the Uganda Land Commission was given to the school on 22nd July complaining of the activities happening in the disputed area – a portion of Nabisunsa school.

Jamil Sewanyana Mpagi , chairman board of governors of the school insists the school is the registered proprietor of the said land.

Since this – one of the leading government aided school is under the Muslim fraternity, the same have required a public address to settle their fears of the school’s eviction from these premises.

Minister of land Hon. Judith Nabakooba has intervened in this land dispute and has assured the Muslim community that whatever the circumstance, no one will evict the school from its current premises.

Nabisunsa Girls School was founded in 1954 by Prince Badru Kakungulu, a Buganda Royal, to offer post-primary education to the Muslim girl-child. Today it admits girls of all faiths. Nabisunsa Girls school is located in Banda – Kyambogo, Kampala district.

The question that is still left unanswered even with the assurance of the lands’  minister – Hon. Judith Nabakooba is, “will the school still be able to serve its initial course  of offering post – primary education with this land disturbance which we know usually sweeps hard!


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