58 people died in road accidents during the Christmas festive season between 23rd December and 26th December-  reports police.

ASP Nampiima Faridah , the spokesperson of the police directorate of Traffic and Road Safety reported as she addressed journalists on Monday that:

195 accidents occurred and were registered during the festive season; 51 were fatal, 93 serious injuries and 51 minor injuries. All together 248 accident victims were registered, 58 died, 190 sustained injuries.

ASP Nampiima continued to report that most of the accidents happened in the Kampala metropolitan area and the rest upcountry. 7 drivers, 4 peddle cyclists, 17 motorcyclists; 12 were passenger on motorcycles, 1 passenger on heavy omnibus, 4 passengers on other vehicles and 3 pedestrians.

She reported that, reckless driving caused most of the accidents accounting for all 171 accidents of the 195. The rest were of hit and run and carelessness of pedestrians.



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