A shattering world record as the United States of America registers more infections of the COVID-19 virus, up to 1.35 million new cases a day, the highest any country in the world has ever registered.

From 1.03 million cases on January 3rd, the US reported 1.35 million cases on Monday, January 10th. This surge has disrupted many activities in the country as its leadership lay in dilemma without an agreeable way to handle the increased infections. More people have been hospitalized from 132.051 in January last year to 136.604 this January, 2022, thus schools struggling with absences of teachers, bus drivers and other staff that is hospitalized due to COVID-19.

The state of Chicago has been reported to cancel classes more times as the district and teachers fail to come to agreement on how to handle the increased infections.

Also New York city , due to the daily threat in the increasing new cases of COVID-19, have suspended service on three subway lines due to the large number of sick workers and they are not sure when it will stabilize to comfortable operation.

The U.S registers 1700  deaths per day.



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