Mason Greenwood, a 20 year old Manchester United forward arrested on allegations of domestic violence by girl friend Harriet Robson who revealed disturbing videos, audios and pictures of rape and assault by the footballer on social media.

On revelation of these, Nike, very disturbed with the news suspended relationship with Mason Greenwood -Man. United also shared a tweet informing the public that Mason won’t be training or playing with the team till further notice.

It also came to public notice that Manchester United, the home club for the accused footballer is not providing the accused with legal counsel, Mason to get personal representation. Manchester United also went ahead to remove all Mason Greenwood merchandise from its website.

Social media users have gone wild sharing their opinion on the saddening news. While a few worry about the ruin of Mason’s career, many are disturbed by the thought of the amount of domestic violence Harriet has had to go through and applauded her bravery to finally speak up.

The police are still undertaking keen investigations on this quite intense matter that seems to have called attention all around the world -the matter involves a woman and football.



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