The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is a convention of countries that were once British colonies. This meeting is held customarily every two  years and it is the highest commonwealth policy making gathering.

Due to the  Covid 19 pandemic, the meeting has not happened for the past two years, growing a gap in the custom. In June 2020, a date was set for the meeting to happen yet it didn’t , in June 2021 again, a date was set for the convention which never happened as it was seen to be unsafe for the delegates to convene in Rwanda as the Covid 19 pandemic was at its peak at the time.

Postponing the meeting led to many disruptions for many private sector players including loses by service providers who had won tenders to provide services to the delegates during the meeting especially those who got loans from banks to boast their financial muscle to meet capacity of service expected.

The new set date is 20th June, 2022 which was announced in a joint communiqué by the commonwealth Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland, and President Paul Kagame, leaving preparation period at only 5months.

Secretary General for Commonwealth – Patricia Scotland said that issues to be discussed include; climate change and poverty, recovery from Covid 19 pandemic, boasting trade and promoting sustainable development.

The Kigali convention Center is set to host the delegates come 20th June as seen in the set image.



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