Kyiv urges Russian troops to back off as their military troops flood the Ukraine boarder. Since this crisis begun in the 90s, Ukraine has suffered many losses from properties to humans. A village -Nevelske in Eastern Ukraine, lies abandoned, destroyed by the Ukraine-Russia crisis that has made others think its not just between Ukraine and Russia but a war if not settled now, could take the entire Europe into a crisis.

Russia has deployed 10s of 1000s(tens of thousands) of troops near Ukraine boarder which has escalated fear all around the world, of Russian invasion.

The US senators threaten to sanction Russia over its actions on Ukraine. Russia in return asks the US for “mutually respectful” relations.

Even as Russia denies posing a threat to Ukraine, it has gone a head to accuse NATO of wanting to drag Ukraine into an alliance, a thing NATO chief assures Russia, they dnt plan to deploy military support, if a war broke out.

Boris Johnson however while on a visit to Ukraine insisted that, Ukraine has the right to choose whichever alliance they want and therefore pledges UK’s support toward Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty and integrity. He further urges the Russians to back off as it is vital according to Boris Johnson – UK prime minister.


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