Herman Zapp after being married with his wife Candelaria for 6 years set of on a world tour in their vintage car. Herman was 31 and wife 29 with no children at the time.

The lifetime tour started in 2000 from Argentina their home country to 5 continents all around and about driving a collective journey of 362,000 Km living in people’s houses, “about 2,000 all together”, the Zapps recall.

While on this adventure, the Zapps had four children, Pampa-19 years old born in the US, Tehua -16 years old born in Argentina, Paloma -14 years old born in Canada and Wallaby -12 years old born in Australia.

The couple while starting off in 2000 had calculated to be back where they set off on March 13th, 2022 but were delayed by Covid 19 around the world.

The now 53 year old Herman and 51 year old Candelaria with their four adolescent children are almost home with mixed feelings after traveling to not less than 102 countries as Mrs. Zapp remembers detouring some because of wars and disease.


Courtesy photo.

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