Teachers defy presidential directive to call off an industrial action caused to protest against the salary discriminations for teachers.

President asked the teachers to call off the industrial action against the salary enhancement discrepancies at a press statement issued on Saturday 18th at state house Entebbe.

“In principle we shall pay everybody well, as of now let us concentrate on one aspect. Don’t tell me about this industrial action. Go and work. Our aim is to pay civil servants well”, president Museveni noted while meeting with the UNATU members.

“We clearly presented to the President the position of the teachers over discriminatory salary enhancements, which breach the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was signed with Government in 2018,” Mr. Filbert Baguma The UNATU(Uganda National Teacher’s Trade Union) secretary general Mr. Filbert Baguma.

He notes that they were not helped by the president and therefore the industrial action continues as he called the teachers to go forward until the teachers’ salary enhancement discrimination is harmonized.

“The President handed the matter to the ministries of Education, Public Service and Finance, to review the proposed pay plan and ensure that the disharmony is rectified. This, therefore, serves to inform the members of UNATU and the general public that the industrial action continues. All teachers should stay home as we await for the outcome of the review process,” Mr Baguma added.

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