It’s by God’s grace that I am Miss World Africa – Abenakyo

Uganda's beauty queen attributes global victory to God

Quiin Abenakyo, who represented Uganda at Miss World 2018 in China and was crowned Miss World Africa, has attributed her success to God.

Abenakyo arouse strong emotions among congregants at the Royal Women Beauty Conference at Christianity Focus Centre in Mengo, Kisenyi on 19th May, 2019 when she shared her testimony.

This was after being accorded an award for empowering and inspiring youth in Uganda.

“I believe it is by God’s grace that I am Miss World Africa today. It wasn’t easy, but we are here today. The one thing that I can tell people is always put God first in everything you do,” Abenakyo said in her award acceptance speech.

“To the youth, use every opportunity that is presented to you because some may not look obvious. When I contested for Miss Uganda, in my mind, I thought you have to be the most beautiful person. I thought you should have the best body and smile. Looking at myself, I somewhat didn’t feel good enough. But then, I believed in myself. The other most important thing is that my family believed in me. Parents, believe in your children’s dreams because you never know which opportunity may present itself,” she added.

Moving on to Miss World in China, in the head to head segment of the competition, she was paired with Miss Argentina Victoria Soto. Abenakyo talked about her support for the girl child in her project she called “Fighting Teenage Pregnancies”.

All three judges voted for her, sending her into the Top 30 in the competition, the first Ugandan contestant to rise this high, in the history of the Miss World beauty pageant

Pastor Cindy Kiganda, the Royal Women Beauty Conference visionary, described Abenakyo as one who has positively influenced youth in Uganda.

Talking about women of substance, Quiin Abenakyo pointed out the CEO Miss Uganda Foundation Brenda Nanyonjo.

“Eight (8) years ago she had a dream of changing people’s lives but didn’t know how. She tried her luck. She bought the Miss Uganda license and that of Miss World. Any selfish person could have easily invested that money in another business. But she decided that she wants to help young girls out there. I am Quiin Abenakyo today, Miss Uganda and Miss World Africa. But that dream all started with her,” Abenakyo said.

“She wanted to empower young women, and she did that. And we are grateful to be here,” she added, dedicating her award to Brenda Nanyonjo.

“I believe when we work together, when we empower each other, the world will be a better place. Additionally, women who are in position to help others, please do so,” Abenakyo concluded.

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