When love is the reason, it will never fail

Where love rules, God can't withhold His Presence

The voice of love has carries in it strength, comfort and peace. It confronts sin or error with strong conviction but with direction on what to do.

It doesn’t compromise with sin but without condemnation.

It never participates in any activity or conversation that malices.

Love is sad when brothers fight and celebrate the downfall of another.

It quickly recognizes the differences or uniqueness in other people and celebrates it without withholding back it’s contribution.

Where love rules, Satans’ power is paralysed and the work of the flesh is subdued!

Where love rules, God can’t withhold His Presence.

Love is the only motive for any activity in the Kingdom of God.

Love is not easily provoked or irritated and puts up with shortcomings knowing that good is in every person.

Love sacrifices at its own expense for the good of another.

If it’s because of love,

If it’s by love,

If it’s through love,

It will never fail!

Love Never Fails.

Divine Love, That’s God’s Love.

God Is Love And God Can Never Fail.

(1Cor13, 1John 4:16, 2Cor 5:14 n John 15:13).

Based in Kampala, Uganda, Pastor Ben Ochola is a minister of the gospel. He is passionate about the Holy Spirit, and how He can make a remarkable, supernatural difference in you and in those you come into contact with.

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